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he Carburetor Guy genuine replacement part. built better than original for a tighter seal and viton rubber built to outlast oem.


Fitment: Suzuki gsxr750 slabside 1985/86 gen 1

Cv style carbs only. See other listing for other style



4x bowl gaskets

4x diaphragm rubbers

4x air mixture o ring and washer

4x choke plunger cap

3x fuel pipes

2x air vent pipes

1x stay bracket protector hose

4x needle and seat and o rings

8x felt throttle shaft seals



70x piece - JIS screw kit for the complete carb. Inc brackets bows tops, butterfly valves ect for that JIS period correct finish.


Why this kit??

The importance of shaft seal replacement!!!

Is your bike bogging down, high or erratic idol? Or are you unable to get a good carb synchronization? Most likely your shaft seals are leaking. 


This kit has everything you need to recondition a carb. We recommend cleaning and re using your oem jets and needles with our kit. Dont buy cheap aftermarket jets.


Suzuki GSXR750 Gen1 Carburetor Kit 84-86 CV style

$220.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
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