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Carburetor Servicing & Restoration

Automotive, Motorcycle/scooter, Marine Carburetors

We offer 2 levels of for our carburetor service, Full restoration and a general service. The difference being in the finish and look of the carburettor at the end of the process.

Restoration includes;

Stripped down to the bare carb bodies, all diaphrams, slides, screws, jets, chokes and serviceable parts removed.

Internal chemical treatment to break down old varnish and gunk from circuits galleries and the Venturi.

Vapour blasted inside and out and ultra sonic bathed and a high pressure blow out and circuit flow test. (this process is repeated until all abrasive material is removed from the carburetor.

Zinc plating of Brackets, springs, shafts and rods, 

Polishing of outer tops and or bottoms inline with factory spec of customer requests.

Cerakoting of carburettors as an option

Rebuilding with New piton or high quality seals, shaft seals, O'rings Diaphragm rubbers and JIS replacement screws. Needle Seat and jets (where needed)

Leak tested, and bench Synchronised on our in house balancer.

General Service Includes;

Stripping of the bowls and tops, diaphrams, jets, float needle, emulsion tube, choke assemblies.


Ultrasonic chemical clean and testing circuits, rebuilding with new seals and needles where needed at cost (no markup). This ultrasonic gives them a great external and internal clean/shine.  Restores metal and removes rust with a preventative coating using EvapoRust.


Bench synch of the slides or butterlies. 


Float heights set to OEM.

Reassembled and leak tested. Faster turn around times for general servicing.

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