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This Mikuni RS34 carburetor Kit suits Honda CB750, CB900 and CB1100 with stock engines. They will breathe a whole new lease of life into your machine with an up to 25% increase in power, whilst making it perform and operate as it should with no hesitations or flat spots.

You will very quickly realize that the expense of a rebuild of your old worn OEM carbs can far exceed the cost of these new units and unfortunately as with many rebuilds now days you only have the option in many cases of gambling with very poor quality aftermarket parts. Considering this and if intending to ride and enjoy your motorcycle it makes good sense to retire your OEM carbs into the cupboard and step up to a set of RS’s.

Before rushing in and ordering please firstly check your carb spacing and carbie sizes for compatibility. These are not suited for downdraft engines.

This Mikuni kit comes in three fitment options– with the following carb centre to centre spacing’s for direct fitment to Honda CB750. CB900 and CB1100 and will adapt to the stock air-box (55mm dia.) and engine inlet rubbers.

Suits 1979 thru 1983 models. Outlet Diameter at the engine side is 44mm

A= 80mm (spacing centre to centre between carb 1 & 2)
B= 100mm (carb 2 & 3)
C= 80mm (carb 3 & 4)


Mikuni RS34 carburetor Kit suits Honda CB750, CB900 and CB1100

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