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The Carburetor Guy Genuine part 


Kawasaki Gpz550 kz550  TK Carburetor kit

Condition is Brand New High quality viton rubber. Can be used with ethanol


4x vacume rubbers

4x choke plungers

4x bowl gasket

4x bowl O'Ring

4x bowl float O'rings

12x fuel tee O'Ring

8x throttle shaft Seal

4x air tee O'ring

4x idol adjuster screw O'ring



58x piece - JIS screw kit for the complete carb. Inc brackets bows tops,  butterfly valves ect for that JIS period correct finish.


Why this kit??

Hi quality Viton rubber can be used with ethanol, Unique parts that are no longer in production. 


The importance of shaft seal replacement!!!

Is your bike bogging down, high or erratic idol? Or are you unable to get a good carb synchronization? Most likely your shaft seals are worn.


This kit has everything you need to recondition a carb. We recommend cleaning and re using your OEM jets and needles with our kit. Don't buy cheap aftermarket jets just clean and reuse your oem originals.


We know Carburetors and use these kits on all our builds please view our website or social pages for great build


Kawasaki GPZ550 KZ550 TK Carb - Ultimate Carburetor Restoration Kit

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