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The Carburetor Guy genuine replacement part. 


Ethanol Ready


Suites Cx500, 1979-1983

Includes. Non accellorator pump models


2x high quality felt  throttle shaft seals

2x high quality felt choke shaft seals

2x Adjustable float and needle (better than white or orange non adjustable ones)


High quality viton bowl gasket,Fuel tee, drain bowl, mixture screw oring and wash, slide stop oring and jet plugs 


2x aircut off valves assemblys

All JIS replacement screws, inc butterfly valve screws


Most importantly

Is your bike bogging down, high or erratic idol? Or are you unable to get a good carb synchronization? Most likely your shaft seals are leaking. This kit is all you need with clean and reuse of your oem jets and needles. 


We know Carburetors please view our website or social pages for great builds

Honda cx500 Carburetor kit - ultimate rebuild kit -felt shaft seals, JIS

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