The Carburetor Guy genuine replacement part.


Ethanol Ready


4x bowl gasket

4x top gasket

4x pushrod dust covers (rare part)

6x shaft seal throttle (rare)

6x shaft seal choke (rare)

4 x top shaft felt seals

4x drain screw o ring

4x float seat and needle assembly

4x slow jet o ring

8x fuel tee o rings



40x JIS screws sets, butterfly stay brackets tops and bowls


Clean and reuse oem jets and needles for a professional restoration.


Honda Four series carb shaft seals - cb350, cb400 Four


Why this kit?

Is your bike bogging down, high or erratic idol? Or are you unable to get a good carb synchronization? Most likely your shaft seals are leaking. 


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Honda Cb350 Cb400Four Ultimate Carburetor rebuild kit