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Fully Stripped and rebuilt from ground up.

Vapor Honed

Replated with zinc - shafts, brackets, springs screws and bolts.

New stainless steel Fasteners

Fully rebuild with VITON o'Ring and Gaskets,

New Felt Thottle and Choke Shaft Seals

Bench Synchronised and mixture screws set to spec

Float height - 15.5mm

Polished tops and bowls

Bolt on ready to ride

1980-81 Honda CB400 - Carburetors

  • All products are tested as stated in the description, although tests have been completed, issues may arise from time to time that may require further work or adjustment. We will work with you on issues that may arise when purchasing our restored carburetors. For best results we recommend you inspect and adjust the following prior to installing your new carburetors.

    1. Valve adjustments - see service manual

    2. Check and inspected fuel lines and filters.

    3. Clean and or replace spark plugs and spark leads.

    4. Inspect intake rubbers Engine side and airbox side.

    5. Inspect airfilter.

    6. Inspect timing and ignition output are within spec.

    7. Check engine compression in spec.

    Returns are not accepted

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